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Check out the article to learn whether Japanese ladies are suitable for you. In the following article, you may read about all potential methods of meeting gorgeous Japanese ladies. The article also contains a list of the most reliable dating websites to use.

Websites To Find Japanese Women & Dating Sites

1 Asian Melodies logo Asian Melodies
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2 Eastern Honeys logo Eastern Honeys
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3 Lover Whirl logo Lover Whirl
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4 Orchid Romance logo Orchid Romance
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5 FindAsianBeauty logo FindAsianBeauty
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Why Choose Japanese Brides?

If you are attracted to single Japanese women, it’s understandable. They are extremely charming, petite, and delicate, uniquely beautiful. But is it a good idea to marry a Japanese woman? It’s a great idea if:

  • You seek conventional marriage 鈥 a guy is the leader of the household, the wife is the support and takes care of raising children.
  • You are into traditional gender roles.
  • You want to get married to an attractive wife.

Women from Japan prefer traditional values and want to have families. So, they are the perfect choice when it comes to creating a conventional family.

Why Choose Japanese Brides?

Typical Japanese Mail Order Brides: Appearances And Traits

When looking for hot Japanese brides, you are already aware of the fact that these women are extremely attractive. Even though ladies from Japan don’t emphasize their sexuality, they are highly sexy. It’s common in Japan to not be boastful about your body. But these ladies are sexually attractive with slim bodies and amazing natural curves.

Moreover, Japanese girls are feminine and charming. But it’s important to have some understanding of personality traits. Below are some examples of personality traits of ladies from Japan. Note, these aren’t 100% truthful for all the women in Japan, but they give you a general understanding of what to expect.


The culture of respect is extremely important in Japan. Japanese brides in the mentioned country are respectful towards the elderly, other people’s opinions, other cultures, and religions, etc.


One of the most important things in life, according to a Japanese bride, is family. You can have a successful career, have fun in life, but family is something a woman in Japan wants the most.


It’s easy to communicate with an amazing Japanese bride. These ladies are easy-going and curious, especially when they see foreigners.


One of the best qualities of Japanese brides is their loving nature. These women are always positive and grateful for what they have. They are also great at loving people they care about.


Another great trait that makes Japanese brides perfect candidates for marriage. Whatever happens in your life, whatever struggles you have to face, you will have a loyal and supportive wife beside you.

Where To Meet A Japanese Mail Order Bride?

If you are into mail order brides from Japan, here are some ways to meet them:

  • Check whether there are any diasporas in your city.
  • Ask friends or colleagues if they know brides from Japan.
  • Travel to Japan.
  • Use dating apps.

If you live in the US or Canada, there is a high chance of meeting a bride of a needed descent. To make things easier, you can also ask friends or people you trust whether they know brides from Japan. But if none of these options are available or useful in your case, you can always use dating websites.

Where To Meet A Japanese Mail Order Bride?

Real stories of Happy foreigners married Japanese brides

Success Story #1 Image
Mark 馃拲 Kenzo Asian Melodies logo

When Mark saw Kenzo on Asian Melodies, he knew he had to meet him. They started talking online and soon decided to buy a new house together. They were so in love and excited to start their new life together. But then tragedy struck. Kenzo was in a car accident and died instantly. Mark was left heartbroken and alone. He could never forget the love of his life, Kenzo.

Success Story #2 Image
Glen 馃拲 Hana DateAsianWoman logo

Glen had always been fascinated by Japanese culture and beauty. When he saw Hana on DateAsianWoman, he knew she was the one for him. They hit it off immediately and started buying a new house together. They were so in love and happy.

How To Charm Beautiful Japanese Brides?

The dating culture in Japan is pretty much the same as everywhere else. But here are a few convenient tips to use:

  • Be respectful to the country, religion, and ideals of your girlfriend.
  • Try learning the Japanese language.
  • Be romantic and memorize important dates.
  • Try to win the favor of her parents.

These simple tips should help you in conquering the heart of your Japanese bride.

How To Charm Beautiful Japanese Brides?

Dating Japanese Women Online: Safety Tips

If you wish to meet Japanese brides and stay safe when using online services, here are some convenient tips for you:

  • Use sites with HTTPS addresses.
  • Ignore unfinished accounts or profiles without photos.
  • Block users that ask for money, even if you have been talking for months.
  • Report suspicious activity.

These simple tips should keep you safe. And avoid revealing important information, for example, your address, insurance number, etc.

Dating Japanese Women Online: Safety Tips


If you wish to meet beautiful Japanese brides, you have more than just one option to choose from. Yes, using dating websites is one of the easiest ways of getting a match from another country. But you still have other options, especially if you live in the US or Canada. Use the tips from the article to impress a Japanese woman, and you will be successful at finding a bride.

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