Foreign Brides

Foreign Brides

Many Western men want to meet and date foreign brides, and we did research to learn what’s the reason for that. One of the most common problems of modern men is that they are sick and tired of familiar faces around them. This is particularly relevant to those who live in relatively small towns and not metropolises and therefore are surrounded by the same people every day of their lives. You meet familiar faces everywhere you go: a corner shop, a bar on Friday, you work, your neighborhood. And it is a good thing if you fancy your co-worker or a girl down the street that has always been so nice to you. However, for many men, the issue is that they do not really click with any of those they have known for many years. Indeed, it can be difficult to suddenly turn tables and start experiencing romantic feelings to those who have been your platonic partners for ages. Moreover, the question of compatibility often remains unresolved.

Why Western Men Want to Date Foreign Brides

Compatibility is a different thing for everyone, as different people define it differently. However, it is universally accepted and completely undeniable that compatibility is one of the key things that constitute real love. To truly trust someone, the two of you need to have similar views on life, understand each other effortlessly, and generally have something in common to keep you interested. Of course, there are many examples of people building relationships based on sole passion, so-called love from the first sight. But the truth is such unions do not last long unless solidified with something else. The initial attraction gets weaker as your relationship progresses, so unless the two of you keep working on your relationship, it is likely to lose its potency.

Compatibility is something that cannot really be fostered, and it has to be there from the start. The two of you need to feel this strong connection to each other as if you were soulmates. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find, and a lot of men settle for someone they are only half suited with, without even trying to look further away. The truth is, it is not only that your soulmate will be located close to where you live. In fact, it is actually quite common for the people who were made for each other to be somewhat distant geographically. Therefore, when looking for love, it is important to expand your horizons, and maybe even search for your fate somewhere abroad.

Thanks to technology and popularization of travel, visiting foreign countries has become more affordable than ever before. You can hop on a low-coster and reach your destination for the price of a black cab ride in London. And even if for some reason you cannot currently spare a coin on traveling, you most definitely are free to access the international dating pool by simply going on the internet and browsing through various dating sites that feature thousands if not millions of profiles of foreign brides for marriage.

But before we go any further into exploring what your options are, lets set the background by discussing the pros and cons of dating foreign women.

Disadvantages of Dating Foreign Brides

Of course, since the two of you are coming from different countries with possibly extremely different cultures, there will be some rough patches in your relationship that you need to be prepared for in advance. Here are some things that may cause misunderstanding or act as grounds for conflict.

Religious Differences

This one is tricky as religion can be a determining factor in whether the two of you would be suitable for marriage or not. Unless the two of you have the same religion or are atheists, there could be an issue. For instance, if you fall for a Muslim girl, but you yourself are not Muslim, you won’t be able to date her unless you convert to Islam as her religion prohibits this. Furthermore, even if the rules are not as strict, there could be heated arguments in the future in regards to what religion should the child be raised in.

Language Barrier

Unfortunately, despite being the most popular international language, English is not spoken fluently in a lot of countries. Although a lot of foreign girls learn it at school, the level of teaching may not be sufficient for her to be able to speak to you freely. Furthermore, even if the level of English is adequate, at first, you would have to adjust the way you speak for her to understand you correctly. It can take away some romance from your relationship. It is not exactly a Shakespeare suited moment, isn’t it?

Cultural Peculiarities

It may be rather difficult to celebrate certain belief you do not believe in, as well as it can be frustrating to follow some rituals or ceremonies that are not s part of your culture.

Nevertheless, there are more pros which make dating foreign girls very desirable.

Advantages of Dating Foreign Brides

Learning a New Language

Although it may not exactly be your top priority, it is definitely a cool addition to all the benefits of dating foreign ladies. A sort of a fringe benefit, you get to boost your multilingual skills and broaden your horizons. Plus, that would look good on your CV.

Experiencing a New Culture

By establishing a romantic connection with someone of a completely different upbringing, you set yourself on the path of discovering something new every day. You will be exposed to a whole new world of interesting traditions, delicious dishes, etc. Apart from that, there will rarely be a moment where the two of you would not have something to talk about. For both of you, an international marriage would be something exciting worth discussing.

A Lot of Traveling

With an international bride, you will have an opportunity to travel more finally. This is a pleasant bonus since you would now have two places that you would be able to call home.

Lower Divorce Rates

One of the things that are particularly true for international marriages, especially those with foreign mail order brides is that they often result in a happy marriage! This is because when looking for love online, you can filter girlfriends according to your preferences and make it a 100% match.

Foreign Brides

The question is, what is the best country for mail order brides? There is no definite answer to it as different countries have different cultures and, subsequently, are known for different types of women. The most common countries with mail order brides from different parts of the world, however, are Russia in Eastern Europe, China in Asia and Brazil in Latin America. Here is a short overview of what girls are like there.

Eastern European Singles

  • Fair complexion, tall and slim;
  • Have traditional values, but are also well-educated and want a career;
  • Independent;

Asian Singles

  • Very petite and skinny;
  • Meek and modest, very respectful;
  • Shy with strangers but talkative otherwise;

Latin American Singles

  • Feisty and hot-tempered;
  • Curvaceous, tanned, rather short;
  • Very outgoing and friendly.

Thus, as you can tell, it is up to you to decide which country has the best foreign brides since they are all very unique.

Where to Find a Bride from Abroad

There are plenty of sites online that offer mail order bride services. Nevertheless, finding a legit one must be your top priority. So make sure you hop on one where they moderate the profile quality and only feature real females. Here are a couple of trustworthy ones:

Victoria Hearts

  • The best site to find a Slav mail order bride;
  • Has various additional features to enhance your communication;
  • Transparent payment system;

Romance Tale

  • The largest platform for Asian online dating;
  • 128-bit SSL protected payment system;
  • Offers translational services for additional payment;

Latin Feels

  • Features a significant number of account of Latina girls;
  • An advanced search tool allows you to apply various filters to females e.g., age, language, location, etc. to find the best match;
  • Outstanding moderation.

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