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What do you know about Thailand? Probably you have heard of some notorious Thai nightlife. But did you know that Thai women are known for being the most loyal and beautiful women in the world? Girls from Thailand are not only beautiful, feminine, and charming. What is more important is that they are absolutely loyal to their men. However, it’s only a few of their best characteristics. If you decide to know a little bit more about Thai Beauties, this article is a unique opportunity for you to know the secret of beautiful Thai ladies. If you’re ready, we are starting right away.

Beautiful Thai Women For Marriage: Let’s Talk About Some Statistics

When you will start to look for a Thai girl for marriage, you may have a logical question: “ How successful will my marriage be with a Thai mail order bride? ” In this case, there is one thing that will help you in getting an answer for this question and it’s called statistics. Of course, men sometimes can be a little bit too logical, even when it comes to love. However, sometimes it’s better to calm yourself with some solid facts than make scenes of jealousy toward your bride from Thailand. In this section, you will find answers to the most common questions that worry every man once he decides to start dating Thai ladies. Once you decide to find a Thai wife, these facts may help you to overcome your doubts if you decide to marry a pretty Thai lady.

Beautiful Thai Women For Marriage

Statistics About Foreign Marriages With Thai Women

In case you’re dreaming about meeting some beautiful Thai woman or for the first one to find a Thai bride, but you have doubts regarding this matter, we will dispel your doubts. According to statistics, marriages of foreigners with brides of Thailand are successful. There are a lot of reasons for that, however, the most important is that Thai women for marriage are looking into marrying foreigners, and usually Thai women live a long and happy life with their beloved.

How Old Are Beautiful Thai Brides for Marriage According to Statistics?

If you want to marry a Thailand girl, you can legally do it, if both of you have reached the age of seventeen years old. Yes, you heard right, it’s absolutely legal in Thailand to get married at this age. However, usually, Thai women for marriage become Thai wives in their early twenties. And if, being extremely accurate, then the average age of brides in Thailand ranges from 21 to 23 years. We can explain this by the fact that single Thai ladies for marriage are really looking forward to getting married, starting their own family, and stopping depending on their parents.

Rates of Divorces With Thai Brides

Once you start Thai brides dating, of course at first you will feel butterflies in your stomach. But as every human being, you might start having doubts and rethink your choice. And instead of thinking “How to marry a Thai woman?” another thought might pop out in your head. You might have doubts about whether it’s a good choice, you may start thinking about divorce rates, and you can even imagine things that will never happen. That’s the moment when you need to calm down and find out from our article that the rate of divorces with Thai girlfriends is very low. That is why there are not too many single Thai women around. So be sure that once you marry a Thai woman you will spend the rest of your life with her.

How Many There Are Thai Brides?

You can spend days finding a single woman from Thailand because a lot of local men and even more foreigners will try to conquer and as a result marry Thai single women. That’s why you need to stop thinking about how you can meet Thai women for marriage. You just need to take all your will into your fist and finally make a step towards marriage Thailand girl. And what is more important in the next section you will find out how much it will cost you to meet Thai women.

Statistics About Foreign Marriages With Thai Women

How Much Will It Cost You to Date Thai Women?

In this section, we will provide you with some of the latest information about how much it will cost you to first start to meet Thai ladies and after that marry a Thai girl. Down below you will find a special table that will explain to you the common spending to find out the beauty of Thailand dating.

Estimated cost
Airfare E.g. $600 (1 person)
Accommodations E.g $500
Attractions E.g $500
Food and drink E.g $300 (2 people)
Gifts E.g $300
Total $2,200

Airfare to Meet Thai Brides

So finally you decide to meet Thai girl in her motherland and decide to take a flight to her. In case you’ll be flying from the USA you should be ready to spend at least $600 for a flight. But do not worry since airlines usually provide a lot of discounts in this country. You just need to find the right moment to buy a ticket. In case you will be lucky you can spend only 300 bucks to meet dozens of Thai girls for marriage. Believe us, that’s worth it.


The price for housing in Thailand really depends on the city where you plan to stay and the type of accommodation you’re willing to choose. Thailand will offer you a lot of hotels, hostels, and private flats. As Thailand women com say, any whim for your money. However, for example, a night at the hotel may depend on the quality of the hotel. It may vary from $15 to $400 for a night. In case you choose an average hotel it will cost you around $500.

Attractions to Visit With Thai Brides

You can’t even imagine the number of attractions that Thailand can offer you. However, if you’re going to Thailand to meet Thai girls for marriage there will not be a lot of time to check all the attractions around. However, for a one-week trip, $400 will be more than enough to check some interesting attractions and places with your Thai woman.

How Much Will It Cost You to Date Thai Women

Food and Drink

Thailand will surprise you not only with beautiful Thai women brides but also with varied and delicious Thai cuisine. Just by walking on the streets of Bangkok to meet Thai brides from Thailand, you will find a lot of tasty street food. Since the food in Thailand is cheap, you will not spend more than $300 for food and drinks. However, you will receive a lot of joy and pleasure when you eat something exotic, and by your side will be your Thailand bride.


When we mentioned a sum of $300, we provided you with an approximate sum. As long as only you can decide how much you want to spend on gifts for your Thai woman for marriage. You can spend on gifts for your Thai woman for both $300 and $3,000. In fact, there is no limit; you can spend as much as your financial condition allows you to. But do not try to convince a Thai woman to marry you for presents, because it will never work out.

The Attitude of Thai Women Towards International Marriages

In this section, we’ll provide you with some reasons why Thai women are looking for marriage to foreign guys. If you are a guy from Europe or USA and you have been wondering about the attitude of the Thai women toward foreigners, this section will be super-helpful for you. So here are some reasons why Thai women adore foreign men.

  • Foreign men are more loyal. The first reason why Thai women prefer marrying foreigners is because guys from other countries are more loyal than other men. In Thai culture, it’s normal for men to have a few wives. While guys from Europe or America come to Thailand to find one and only for the rest of their lives. Foreigners are more aware of the usual Traditional Family Values. That’s why Thai women always make a choice in favor of foreign guys. Thai brides prefer dating and marrying foreigners than constantly suffer from the fact that Thai beauties for marriage are not the only ones for their men.
  • Foreign men are more attractive to Thai women. Be sure that once you come to Thailand dozens of Thai women will look at you with a loving look. There can be plenty of reasons for that, however, let’s just admit that as a fact and know that Thai brides prefer dating guys from other countries to local guys. So you should definitely take this into account once you are thinking about how to marry a woman from Thailand.
  • Women of Thailand want a better life. It will not be a secret if we will tell you that Thai women love foreigners not only because of their loyalty. Thai women also want this because foreigners simply can make their lives better, much better than the local guys. Be sure that every Thai woman dreams from the bottom of her heart that once a Russian Thai woman will meet a beautiful prince, who will come to her country and take her with her to a new world. A world where she will be able to start a new life. And be sure that you can become such a prince in case you will come to Thailand someday.
  • Better future for her children. Be sure that Thai brides will look at you not only just on some guy but also as the father of her future children. And Thai woman as the mother will want a better father and a better life for her children. You can call it evolution or just mother’s instinct, but be sure that Thai women prefer marrying foreigners also because of this reason, and be sure that she will definitely prefer you.

The Attitude of Thai Women Towards International Marriages

What Are The Best Ways to Meet Thai Brides?

If you want to meet Thai women as soon as possible there are a few best possible ways you can achieve it. In this section, we give you some best possible ways that will help you to finally find your Thai love and live in a happy marriage with a perfect woman from Thailand.

  1. Online dating platforms. If you would like to meet Thai women for serious relationships, but for some reason, you are not ready to go to Thailand, you can easily use some online dating platforms. There are a lot of amazing platforms such as Thailand-women.com where you will be able to meet a lot of beauties from Thailand. From the advantages of this method, we can mention availability and price, so you can definitely use it.
  2. Thai Brides Agency. If you are serious about getting married to one of the Thai brides right away, you can use some bride Thailand agencies. Of course, Thai women will cost much more than regular dating apps. However, as a result you will not have to spend time chatting with women from the Thailand, you will be able to meet them right away. As the main advantage, we can tell that in these agencies there will be a lot of Thai women looking for marriage.
  3. Meeting in Thailand. For some foreigners it’s the simplest way, for some it’s the hardest. However, we can definitely say that it will take you much more energy and courage. However, be sure that the result will not keep you waiting long. Be sure that even after one day in Thailand you will meet a lot of beautiful Thai women and a lot of them will definitely like you.

What Are The Best Ways to Meet Thai Brides

How to Avoid Fraudulence in Thailand?

As a foreigner, you may face some dangers in Thailand. That’s why it’s better to be prepared for some fraudulent provocations that may await you. Here are some tips that will be helpful for you.

  • Choose reliable services. Before going to any brides Thailand agency, don’t spare your time and check the reviews. It will help you a lot to avoid some scammers and will save you money.
  • Don’t give money. Once you come for Thai brides, some Thai women may take advantage of you. Do not give her money in case you do not know her too well, because most likely It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • Don’t walk alone at night. Treat this advice with all seriousness, since Thailand can be dangerous at night. Just make sure to not walk alone at night and everything will be fine.

Thai Brides: Which Kind of Women They Are?

Once you marry a Thai woman, be sure that she will become a perfect woman for you. In this section, we have collected some characteristics of Thai wives.

  • Loving. Be sure that you will never meet a more loving woman than a Thai woman. After the marriage, you will become the center of the world for her.
  • Loyal. She will not give you a reason to doubt your loyalty. You can be sure that you’re the only man in her life.
  • Supportive. A Thai woman will support you in every situation of your life. She will be with you always and you can definitely count on her support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Marry Thai Women?

Be sure that you can definitely marry a Thai woman. Thai women prefer dating and marrying foreigners, so you can be sure that she will be more than just happy to become your woman.

Do Thai Women Make Good Wives?

Thai women become not just good but perfect wives. They will surround you with all their care, love, and attention. Be sure that with a Thai woman you will be the happiest husband.

Where Can I Find Thai Brides?

You can meet a lot of Thai brides on special dating platforms of brides agencies. But do not forget that you also can meet Thai women just on the streets of Thailand.

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