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Your Ultimate Guide On How to Date Filipino Brides

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What do you know about the Philippines? Did you know that one of the most beautiful and loyal women lives there? Their amazing beauty and charming appearance make these women desirable to men all over the world. But still, many men do not even understand what makes them fall in love with single Filipino ladies so quickly. Sometimes for them, it’s enough to draw one sight of some charming woman from the Philippines, and that’s it.

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A foreign man falls in love with a woman from a very far and mysterious country. If you want to find a secret of Asian women, read our article, and you will find all the answers that you need.

Why Do Western Men Fall in Love With Filipino Brides?

If you want to find Filipino wife, in this case, you should know that there will be a huge competition for the heart of this beautiful woman. However, not one will ever tell you the reason why men fall in love with these brides. Love is an unpredictable phenomenon, and no one will ever tell you for sure how you can fall in love with someone or why it is happening. However, in this section, we have tried to collect the main reasons why American men look forward to weddings with Filipino women for marriage.

Filipino Brides

Filipino Women Are Loyal

Beautiful Filipino brides are one of the most loyal women in the world. You can ask even every woman in this country if a bride has cheated at least once in her life. We assure you that you will never hear a positive answer from this Asian woman. And usually, western guys who have gone through cheating know how western women can hurt these women.

That’s why when they see the purity of Asian brides they immediately fall in love with these women. This is the number one reason that makes any Filipino lady perfect for serious relationships.

Filipino Brides Are Supportive

Another important reason why western men look for Filipino wives online is because of the attitude of Filipino mail order brides towards their foreign men. Men from different countries struggle to meet Filipino brides because women want to feel this tenderness and love that Filipino brides for marriage will share with their men.

Even if you haven’t met your woman in real life and you are still at the stage of online dating services, you will still be able to feel her love through distance.

Filipino Women For Marriage Have Complacent Character

Are you looking for a serious relationship with a foreign bride who will be a sympathizer of traditional values? In this case, you definitely need to meet Filipino ladies. These brides are supporters of traditional gender roles in family life, and they know that it is a bad idea for women to take charge of the family.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Filipino Women Become Filipino Mail Order Brides?

If you want to have a wedding with your beautiful Filipino bride in this case you need to dig deeper into the essence of Filipino society and its dating culture. For you, as a representative of Western countries, it will help a lot to understand the motives of your Filipino mail-order wife. It will not only be interesting for you just as a citizen of your country but also it will be helpful for you as a foreign partner of your Filipino bride.

With help of this section, you will better understand your Filipino mail order wife and what is more important it will help you to find a Filipino wife as soon as possible.

Filipino Mail Order Brides Looking For Love

It’s understandable that if you want to meet Filipino women because you like these women, they want to meet you because of the exact same way. And of course, it’s worth mentioning that many Filipino women just adore the look of foreign men. These women just like the way of foreign guys so much, that women even forget about their local men.

Filipino Girls Dreaming About Leaving Their Country

Of course, it’s interesting for western world citizens traveling to Manila as a tourist. But try to look at this situation from the perspective of a Filipino woman. A woman has been living in this country, and most often a bride hasn’t seen any other countries. That’s another reason why beautiful Filipino women are dreaming that some beautiful guys from some huge country will take them with them and they will live happily ever after.

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Filipino Women Want to Succeed In Life

Another reason why Filipino mail order wives are looking for international marriages is that women want to succeed in all areas of life. These women marry foreigners because with this women will not only receive love and support, but women also will be able to achieve their dreams that were restricted in their home country. What we haven’t told you yet, is another great advantage of Asian mail order brides. These women never ask for money from their foreign husbands. Filipino brides know the value of money and that’s why women want to achieve everything with their hard work.

Foreign Guys vs Filipino Mail Order Bride: Who Wants International Marriage More?

It’s not a secret that a relationship is the hard work of two people. That’s why to create a strong and happy family both men and women want to achieve this. However, let’s take a look at this question from a different sight and find out what statistics are telling us regarding this matter.

Official Statistics of Filipino International Marriages

You may ask yourself: “ How does statistics help me to find Filipino mail order wife?” And we can answer this question too. You see, we want to provide you with true evidence that it’s absolutely possible for single men to find Filipino women. Especially if you’re representative of American men your chances increase impressively. However, let’s turn our attention to some hard numbers.

For example, in the year 2018, there were around 430.000 marriages registered in the Philippines. And of course, this number also includes tens of thousands of marriages of Filipino brides with foreign representatives. To be completely accurate, around 25 percent of the named number are marriages of male citizens of the US with Filipino brides. But Americans are not the only men who marry Filipino women. A lot of British and Canadians also get a chance for Filipino brides to become good brides.

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Top-3 Advice on How To Conquer Filipino Women?

So what should you do in case you want to find a Filipino wife but do not know what to start? Sometimes a lot of men give up, just before they succeed. So in case you want to find a well-mannered, family-oriented Filipino mail order bride drop being uncertain and read out advice.

Early Stages Piece Of Advice

Usually men start their communication with Filipino brides on some international women dating websites or popular online dating apps. However, despite the place where you’ve started communicating you need to follow this easy advice, that will allow you to avoid serious mistakes, that may cost you happiness with your ideal Filipino women with shiny black hair. So, let’s find out what are your first steps if you want to make your Filipino wedding date with your woman a little bit closer.

  • Be Persistent With Filipino Mail Order Bride. If you want to succeed in dating Filipino women, there are two characteristics that are necessary when conquering these women. You need to be self-confident and persistent. The reason for that is because, like any other woman in the world Filipino women like to play sometimes with their men. However, that doesn’t mean that a bride doesn’t like you. You need to know that by doing this a woman is checking if you’re a reliable partner to be her man in everyday life. A bride even can start to test you once you start chatting on some mail order bride websites. And the only thing you need to do is be persistent and confident and show your serious intentions toward her.
  • Be Romantic With Filipino Women. What is more important is a bride will not ask you to buy her a car or a red wedding dress. What is more important is to show your love constantly. Even if you are still communicating on some online dating services, you need to show her your sympathy every day. Show her that you’re a man seeking true love and that you’re ready for everything for her.
  • Allow Your Filipino Women To Be Herself. Surely, we’ll not tell you that Filipino brides are perfect, because like every person in the world they will have their problems. But, as a man who really values his woman, you will never tell any critics of her. Even if you are still chatting via mail order bride sites like Asian melodies, you should always only speak to her in a polite manner and tell her that you like everything about her.

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What Should You Do When You Meet Her in Real Life?

Of course, there will be this moment when you both will get tired of online women dating platforms and a bride will invite you to visit her country. Let’s see what your actions should be if everything will turn out this way.

  • Keep calm and be confident. Nerves before the first date are like an old tradition that persecutes all men without exception. That’s why the best thing you can do in this situation is to stay calm. We assure you that you only can make things worse if you will show that you’re worrying. Just be yourself and stay positive.
  • Make a visit to her parents. Like any other Asian woman, your Filipino girl will pay a lot of respect to the older generation and especially her parents. That’s why if a bride invites you to her home, do not refuse. Sooner or later it should have happened, that’s why just make sure to make a good impression and show that you’re a family-minded young man with serious intentions toward their woman.

You may be interested in watching this video with tips on dating Filipino women:

What Are The Best Places To Meet a Traditional Filipino Wife?

As we previously mentioned, most likely you will start meeting modern Filipino brides on some dating site because these women are frequent users of the biggest women dating platforms. And there is nothing to be surprised by because online communication is the most common type of dating in recent years.

But do not start to worry that you will never meet your woman in real life, we just want to say that some online platform is the better and faster way to meet a lot of potential Filipino wives online even without leaving your town and country. However, of course, you will be able to meet these brides in a big city like Manila which is by the way the capital of the Philippines.

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Filipino Women Online Dating Sites: Table of Comparison of Online and Offline Acquaintance

If you’re looking for Filipino women for marriage online you may have started having questions about what is the best way to start your relationship. Usually, men may have a hard choice when it comes to decisions on how they will be looking for their Filipino women.

That’s why for your convenience we decided to create this table of comparison that will help you to finally come up with a decision on whether you want to use women dating agencies or dating apps or you will go directly to the Philippines to make a Filipino wedding ceremony with the woman of your dreams. So, let’s take a closer look at our comparison.

Meet Filipino on best dating sites Meet Filipino women directly in the Philippines
Let’s start by saying that with the help of any dating platform, only with just a few clicks you will find dozens of brides. And all, even without leaving your country. The necessity to spend a lot of money to buy tickets to the Philippines and back. For example plane, tickets from the US or Europe might be really expensive.
Any dating platform will offer you a wide variety of communication tools, such as video chats, video calls, and the ability to see hidden photos or send gifts to the brides you like. You may feel social pressure from local men when they see that you have come to their country to date and marry one of the Filipino brides. So you should mentally prepare for this situation.
The fast and free registration process for which you have only to visit the site and go through necessary steps that include inputting some data. Total trips around the Philippines and their final price may become shocking for you and your wallet. So in case you’re not ready it’s better to draw your attention to alternative methods such as the Filipino dating online platform.

Is It Legal To Buy Brides In the Philippines?

Do not take this definition too seriously because surely you will not be able to buy any brides in the Philippines. To be honest, the Philippines is a country in which everything that is connected with arranged marriages or some kinds of illegal relationships is completely illegal.

That’s why once you will be in this country, you should be cautious for a thousand percent. Of course, no one will ever tell you anything if you will be communicating with brides on special women dating websites. So just be mindful, and everything will be okay.

filipino wives online

What Is The Total Cost To Communicate With Filipino Brides on Dating Sites?

If you’re interested in communicating with Filipino brides, online this information will be super helpful for you. Like on any dating app the registration will be completely free, however, still there may occur some additional expenses. So, let’s find out more about these women.

Fee The registration process and account creation are absolutely free. You will only have to put some personal data for the creation of your page.
Virtual Gifts Probably you will make your first payment on such a platform just to make a pleasant present for your woman. But do not worry it will not cost a lot.
Membership Plans Membership plans and premium membership plans absent as such. Instead, here you will find the credit system. Credits are a special currency for which you will be able to buy everything that you want. To buy credits, you will have to choose a suitable package and make a payment with a suitable payment option.
First Price As we mentioned already, there will be no need for any advance payments. Just create an account and enjoy communication with brides.

Approximately, the use of such applications will cost you very little. Approximately 500-600 dollars per month.

Offline Dating With Filipino Brides: Costs

The Philippines , which mostly consists of rural areas, is not a very expensive country. Here you will be able to watch some interesting rituals or go for a tea ceremony with your Filipino woman. That’s why for your convenience, we collected expenses for offline dating in the Philippines.

Travel expenses $1200-1300
Relocation expenses $400
Wedding expenses Depends on your budget
Gifts $700-800
Restaurants $400-500
Interpreter $100-200

The total cost for your staying in the Philippines and dating with brides will cost you around three thousands of bucks. We’ve not included the cost of the wedding because it’s individual and you should better count it with your bride and family members.

find filipino wife

Shared Experience of Men Who Dated Filipino Women: Real Stories

If you’re a man who shares family values and who is really family-centered it will be interesting for you to know some stories of real men who have gone through the exact same story as you. Here is what James is saying about dating an average Filipino bride of average age.

Real Stories 1

Here is what Tyler is telling about his experience with Filipino brides.

Real Stories 2

Traditional Wedding in the Philippines: What Does It Look Like?

Traditional wedding in the Philippines is a rather a celebration of two families rather than two partners who fall in love. At the same time, marriage with a Filipino girl will look like some common Asian marriage, but it will have some distinguishing features such as national dance or special clothes for the bride and groom.

You may be interested in watching this video about the traditional Filipino brides wedding ceremony:

What Do Traditional Filipino Brides Look Like?

The Philippines is a country with a huge history. Through the centuries, women of this country went through a huge transformation, the main parts of which we have collected in this table.

Traditional Filipino Wives Modern Filipino Wives
These women only did household chores and parenting. Modern Filipino women are allowed to have a personal life, and they often spend it with friends.
In the past centuries, they married only local guys, and Filipino women weren’t allowed to marry foreigners at all. Modern women of the Philippines are free to choose their love.


So let’s sum up our research about the women of the Philippines. As we have already mentioned, these amazing brides are a perfect choice if you’re looking for the love of your life. Once you meet one of these beautiful brides, you will never forget her, and you will fall in love with her at the first glance. And a bride will become not only your bride but also a reliable partner and friend.


Do Foreign Men Pay Bride Price in the Philippines?

As in other Asian countries, in the Philippines, you will also find this interesting tradition where you will need to pay to the family of the bride to marry her.

Are Filipino International Marriages Arranged?

If you’re worried about the legitimacy of your marriage with a Filipino woman, we hasten to assure you that it’s completely legal.

Can American Men Get a Mail-Order Bride from the Philippines?

If in previous centuries marriages of Filipino brides with foreigners were not allowed, nowadays it’s absolutely legal. And despite your origin, you’re free to marry Filipino brides.

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